I live in a country where if you strap down a non-consenting grown man to a table and cut off his genitals, it’s assault in the first degree, sexual abuse, you’d have to register as a sex offender, and spend time in jail.

But when it’s done to an infant it’s considered a “parental right.”

America, where is your logic?

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I’m so hungry that I could eat the ass out of a dead rhinoceros

  • Tumblr Feminists: Oh my god, Can you not? It's totally unnecessary for Wonder Woman to have her cleavage show in this comic, how misogynistic. And seriously, look how naked they had to get that girl for the ad, so oppressive. Look how all these oppressed women fit fascist beauty standards!
  • Tumblr Feminists: OMG MISHA COLLINS IN UNDERWEAR UNF UNF UNF!!!!! oooh, look, a bunch of naked guys selling glasses, I'm buying! Oh my god, look at Hiddles, look at all the shirtless fit men!

Do you know how many things I come across on tumblr I disagree with? I lost count. And do you know how many of those same things make me enraged so much that I need to send someone a message telling them off and then telling them to fucking die or some other derogatory comment? 0! Why? Because I’m not a self righteous cry baby of a bitch. Everyone has different opinions. Period.


So… this woman sexually assaults this guy, clearly. He’s begging, pleading, demanding she stop.

She doesn’t stop.

She grabs his hand and stuffs it in her crotch. He recoils.


Let that sink in… The fucking CAB DRIVER ended up getting arrested when the lawyer in question. Yeah… that’s right… SHE’S A FUCKING LAWYER… accused him of blackmailing her.

He was summarily arrested.

There was no proof he actually blackmailed her. None. The Police never even bothered to verify her claims. At all. They just straight up fucking arrested the CAB DRIVER and threw him in jail.

When it became apparent there was no proof of blackmail whatsoever, and the whole “She’s fucking sexually assaulting him on the fucking tape the police are holding in their hands” she managed to get charged with something.

What did she get charged with?

Simple assault. I shit you not.


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Married teacher’s aide pleads guilty to having sex with student, 16, whom she’d met in detention and plied with Vicodin

A former teacher’s aide from Washington state pleaded guilty Monday to four counts of sexual misconduct with a 16-year-old boy she had met while supervising detention.

The Thurston County prosecutor is recommending a sex offender sentencing alternative for 29-year-old Courtney Keller. She can avoid a five-year prison sentence if she completes sex offender treatment. Miss Keller, who is married and has a young daughter, worked at Black Hills High School in Tumwater and was arrested in April 2013 after a student disclosed a sexual relationship with the ‘detention lady.’

Keller was arrested last April after her former student contacted police to report that he had a two-year affair with the 29-year-old educator, which started with flirting and eventually progressed to sexual encounters. The pair met during the student’s sophomore year at Black Hills High School when he was 16 years old. As their relationship evolved, the 29-year-old teacher began offering the minor tobacco and painkillers, including Vicodin and Percoset.

According to the former student, the entire school knew of his and Keller’s trysts. He told the authorities that one time the married mother accompanied him to a party, where two of his classmates caught the pair having sex. The victim said the affair came to an end last year because Keller was falling in love with him and planned to leave her husband and come live with him when he turned 18 years old – a prospect that left the teen feeling ‘freaked out.’ The boy showed police sexually explicit text messages sent by the teacher, which referenced their past encounters, according to court document.

When interviewed by police, the victim’s mother said she found it strange that her son was spending so much time in detention, the station Q13Fox reported. The school district’s insurer later paid $300,000 to the victim, who dropped out of school during his senior year, The Olympian reported. Keller, who has been freed on work release, is set to be sentenced June 2.

A teacher that is almost twice the age of the student supplies victim with drugs that are addictive mood relaxers and then carries on a “sexual” relationship with him but all she gets is sex offender therapy as a punishment instead of the 5 year prison sentence?



If you’re white, please DO NOT breed with other white people, you only will perpetuate racism and oppression.

Is this person for real?

I’ll ‘breed’ with whoever the fuck I want, thank you very much.

If you’re not white, please DO NOT breed with anyone, you only will create more little bitches and cry babies for tumblr.

Sarcastic insult aside. Idc what color you are. Just don’t be a cunt.

Nothing like a decent looking girl with a nice brain on her



Disturbing Story. Disturbing response. Most of the comments on the article seem to be from victim blamers, male rape deniers, and people who can’t understand why he wouldn’t enjoy the assault. The rest are people in disagreement on whether she actually looks like Jolie

This is how damaging gender stereotypes and rape culture can be to men.

Men can be raped.

Women can be rapists.

No amount of arousal or ability to perform counts as consent.

The fact that she got away with a reduced 4 year sentence using the excuse of being on medication is ridiculous. 

This is disgusting.

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